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MediaJoy Story

We are freelance video editors. The last few years we kept getting requests to edit Facebook Live and Youtube Live recorded videos. And then some asked us Sponsor Video Ads and other s asked that we co-host and be the technical assistant for their live shows. So, we started MediaJoy Social Media Video Marketing to offer these services to you all.

Our Video Ad Works

Teena's Legacy

Promotion For Wholistic Love and Faith Hall
Southside Chicago


Promo For Martin's Development LLC

Live Streaming Services

Are You Selling Commercial Time Slots In Your Live Stream?

Let us Create Video Ads & Ad banners For Your Live Stream

Are You Raising Donations In Your Live Stream?

We Create Custom Pages with Donation Buttons For Your Fundraising Broadcasts

Do You Need Help With Your Live Stream Broadcast?

We Co-Host For Your Live Broadcast

Give Technical Support For Your Live Broadcast

And Editing The Video of Your Recorded Live Broadcasts

TrutheBeTold Live Show Story

Truthebetold was a radio talk show that was not happy with the what conventional radio could offer. So they asked us to help publish their show on the web. We started by editing their 2 hour live broadcast, into 20 minutes segments. And then, we published them on Spotify, Facebook, YouTube and Their own blogger Website.

Our Live Show Edits

Live Show

Live Show

Global Won

True Family Values
Live Show

Video Editing For Your Broadcast

We Edit The Video of Your Recorded
Social media Live Broadcasts on Social Media

From $50 To $200

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