Community Videography

In 2016, I bought a Canon DSLR and started filming the summer activities of a youth organization called S.T.A.R.S (Striving To Achieve Success) in Las Vegas. I created a one minute video promo , also a 4 min video segment

Then, I created two segments on how basketball players in the community had a chance of getting hired by international scouts at the UNLV, the local university’s Basketball Combine Event.

Then I met Q.Allen King, the author of “Can a Woman Raise a Man?” He asked to produce for him a video for his crowdfunding campaign.

After getting married to Mama Joy who is a Community Activist for 30 years, I moved to Chicago Southside, Chatham. I started creating a series of short videos documenting Mama Joy’s activities with the Chicago Police Faith-Based Prayer Walks around Englewood and other violence ridden areas.

Being excited to try out my new anamorphic lens on the iPhone, I followed Mama Joy along the river in the Chicago loop and then later on, on her visit of Abraham Lincoln’s Historical neighborhood in Springfield; both are “one shot films”

A year ago, I was asked by MeShorn Daniels (History Untold 400) to create a 5 minute documentary about Jen Metzliger who was a Suriname born inventor, as part of Black inventors series. I enjoyed doing the research and writing the script as well as editing it.

Since they liked my work, History Untold asked me create a video and podcast series, editing their Live-streams on social media into 20 minute segments.

Recently, I was asked to create a short promo video for Teena’s Legacy, a non-profit organization that helps inner city Chicago youth to heal emotionally through the Art/therapy of Upholstery. This one was shot on LUMIX G85.