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Faith Based Police District Activities Chicago Summer 2020 Posted On Social Media

Prayer Vigil for John Shorter Family and Men In Black Performance

At the Emmett Till’s Park, on August 21st. The 3rd District Chicago Police Faith Base Officers held their prayer Vigil at the park. There in the Woodlawn community, we spoke with John Shorter’s Jr.’s father.

His 12 year old was wounded by three gun shots while playing basketball with his siblings. They were not able to attend the presentation because they were traumatized.

The Original Men In Black and Pastor Victoria Brady’s ABJ Youth offered a special Spoken Word performance to help heal the family and the Woodlawn community.

July 31st Faith Based Police & Clergy Prayer Vigil

In this Vigil, we interviewed Original Men In Black about their relationship with police and community. On regular basis, they go to Police CAPS meetings and voice communities satisfaction or complaints regarding the local police men and women.

Inter-generational gap in supporting “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Mama joy interviews Dr. Niama Malachi ( organizer of Black lives matter march in Southside Chicago June 7th, on inter-generational gap between the grandparents rioters of 70's and today's generation protesters.

Prayer Vigil Brings Healing and Connection at Violence Scene on 74th & Yates in Chicago

Officers prayed for the little girl in critical condition to survive and heal. A woman minister prayed for the elders to support the younger in raising the children, the future of this community. Mama Joy prayed that we must build God’s Kingdom on Mother Earth, and sang the spiritual “ Coming To The Camp Ground”.

Two recently promoted commanders, women police pledged to be more involved in faith based police community outreach. Several pastors discussed, that the people of faith must embrace the community, instead of pointing fingers. A youth who had joined the Police Youth Program, called CAPS, was sharing with us that youth must not move their hands away from their head, when stopped by the police. That will prevent many accidental killings.